Packing Solutions

We are pleased to offer our expert packing services, for whole homes, apartments, studies, college dorms and more.

Used Boxes

Precision Moving Company promotes recycling of used moving boxes. Upon request we will pick up used moving boxes after your move, FREE of charge.

Simply empty and flatten your boxes and call to schedule a pickup.

We offer this service not only for boxes purchased from Precision, but for all standard size moving boxes, including those purchased from other companies. We do require that the boxes be in dry, good usable condition.

Standard sizes for moving boxes include the 1.5, 3.1 and 4.5 cubic feet boxes. Dish pack (5.2 cubic feet) and wardrobe boxes will also be accepted. We also require a minimum of 20 boxes for this service, within a 20 mile radius of our location in Somerville.

Boxes that were purchased new from Precision Moving Company within the previous 6 months may be returned to our location in Somerville for a 25% refund of your purchase price. We require that these boxes please be empty, flattened and in good usable condition. Please call before coming to ensure that a representative of Precision is ready to accept your used boxes upon arrival.

Used boxes are sold for 25% less than our new boxes.

Quantities of used boxes vary. Please call for information on current supplies.

To order used boxes call 617.623.7700 or e-mail us.

Individual Boxes for Sale

Precision Moving Company sells new and used boxes for all of your moving needs. Reminder: used boxes are sold for 25% less than our new boxes.

Packing Packages

We offer packaged packing deals based on the size of your moving space.

Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment Qty.

Book Boxes x10
Linen Boxes x7
Large Boxes x4
Dish Pack x1
Packing Paper x1
Tape x2
Price: $104.50

1 Bedroom Apartment

1 Bedroom Apartment Qty.

Book Boxes x13
Linen Boxes x10
Large Boxes x6
Dish Pack x2
Packing Paper x1
Tape x2
Price: $136.50

2 Bedroom Apartment

2 Bedroom Apartment Qty.

Book Boxes x17
Linen Boxes x13
Large Boxes x10
Dish Pack x3
Packing Paper x2
Tape x3
Price: $208.00

3 Bedroom Apartment

3 Bedroom Apartment Qty.

Book Boxes x25
Linen Boxes x16
Large Boxes x10
Dish Pack x4
Packing Paper x2
Tape x4
Price: $232.50

Small House

Small House (up to 1500 sq ft) Qty.

Book Boxes x30
Linen Boxes x20
Large Boxes x13
Dish Pack x5
Packing Paper x2
Tape x6
Price: $301.00

Mid-Size House

Mid-Size House (1500-3000 sq ft) Qty.

Book Boxes x40
Linen Boxes x30
Large Boxes x15
Dish Pack x6
Packing Paper x2
Tape x8
Price: $383.50

Large House

Large House (3000-4500 sq ft) Qty.

Book Boxes x50
Linen Boxes x40
Large Boxes x18
Dish Pack x7
Packing Paper x3
Tape x10
Price: $494.00

Extra Large House

Extra Large House (4500+ sq ft) Qty.

Book Boxes x60
Linen Boxes x50
Large Boxes x30
Dish Pack x10
Packing Paper x4
Tape x12
Price: $653.00